Top 10 Best TV Wall Mounts In 2019

It’s pretty evident that all regular TVs are being replaced with LCDs and Plasma TVs. With this luxurious purchase comes an even more important one – the wall mounts. Wall mounts are units that install your TVs on the wall securely and enables you to shift the TV’s screen as per your liking. Not only have wall mounts made it convenient for individuals to review better, but also have proven to be an ideal substitute for purchasing furniture or TV stands that hold up plenty of your place.

Although a wall mount may sound like “just another accessory”, it is time we enlighten our audience about how every mount is made up of different material, gives you a certain range of degree of tilt for a better review, complementing a certain TV model and the list of variety goes on.

If you’re already hooked to this review, then let us walk you through the different types of wall mounts we have enlisted to help you make a sound purchase as per your budgets and requirements. The following list consists of 10 different wall mounts that are made of high quality and will secure your TV for an indefinite time period.

10 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2019:

1.MD2377-KTCheck Price
2.Yes4AllCheck Price
3.MD2268-MKCheck Price
4.Invision Wall MountCheck Price
5.VideoSecu ArticulatingCheck Price
6.VideoSecu Articulating ArmCheck Price
7.VideoSecu Tilt MountCheck Price
8.Cheetah ALAMLBCheck Price
9.VideoSecu ML531BECheck Price
10.Cheetah Mounts APTMM2BCheck Price

1. Mounting Dream MD2377-KT

Mounting Dream MD2377-KT

This mount was designed to hold up a 26 to the 55-inch television set. This model is extremely secure due to its full-mount wall bracket kit. The MD2377-KT is compatible with various types of sets such as OLED, LED, LCD, and plasma. It has the VESA pattern holes to complement these different sets. The mount itself is basic, aesthetic and easy to install.

The tilt of the Mounting Dream is +5°/-15° whereas the swivel is up to +/-90° that enhances the reviewing experience significantly. It also has the weight capacity to hold up a television of 66 pounds. The set also has three different Velcro Cable files and magnetic bubble level.

The mount is made up of solid steel that effortlessly bears any weight within the specified limit. The set can tilt about 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down. The set itself is very heavy duty being tested in all ways for durability and has a VESA of 400 x 400mm.


  • Aesthetic Design
  • Heavy Duty
  • Durable


  • Expensive Purchase

2. Yes4All Full Motion Wall Mount

Yes4All Full Motion Wall Mount

The name of this is self-explanatory, it is a full motion wall mount that has a bracket with a tilting and articulating arm that can hold television sets from 17 to 37 inches.

The Yes4All is made of a solid steel frame that has the weight capacity up to 55 pounds. It has a 100% steel plate that tightly secures it into the wall and has a universal 200 x 200 VESA system.

This mount has a tilt range up to ±15° and rotates over a 4o orientation. It takes only one stud to install this entire mount making it extremely convenient for users.


  • Stud Design
  • 100% Steel


  • Difficult to Fit

3. Mounting Dream MD2268-MK

Mounting Dream MD2268-MK

The Mounting Dream MD2268-MK has a durable aesthetic construct that has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds; whereas, it can fit televisions sets from 26 to 55 inches. It comes with a 400 x 400mm VESA system that makes it easier to install. Its articulating arm can move forward from up to 0 to 10 degrees. For installation convenience, the MD22668-MK will have a magnetic bubble to make the entire process easy. Along with this, the set comes with cable fasteners, a heavy duty build and flush fit construct that decreases glare.

On pushing the television towards the divider, it will be 3.6 crawls away from it; whereas, on dragging it into the room, it may extend up to 15.2 creeps. It supports television sets from 26 to 5 crawls which are not the best in the market but seems pretty fair enough. The heaviest set it can hold up to has weight around 99 pounds.

It is recommended to check your TV first before ordering this mount as your TV should support a VESA mounting as per this mount. It is also advised to not connect your TV set directly to a dry divider alone, rather fix the mount in a solid divider or 16-inch wood studs (adjusted according to the weight and size of your set).

The Mounting Dreams comes with a few accessories such as a 6 foot HDMI cable, an air pocket level and essential fixtures for supporting the entire structure.


  • heavy duty wall mount
  • Easy to install
  • relatively affordable



4. Invision Wall Mount Bracket

Invision Wall Mount Bracket

If you are looking for a sturdy wall mount for your curved or flat screen plasma, LCD, LED or 4K TV set then here is the answer to your prayers! Not only will it keep your screen intact and secured but also does its job efficiently.

The Invision Wall Mount Bracket is all about convenience. It’s easy to install, has a weight capacity that supports TV sets up to 88 pounds and is made up of heavy gauge steel. It has an ultra slim articulating arm that holds up this weight for it. It fits in mounting homes ranging from 100 x 100mm to 400 x 400mm. This matchless mount can rotate about 180 degrees, it is CE certified and has a 25-year warranty for each of its parts.

It is pretty evident that the product caters to a large range of TV with a perfect mounting gap. The divider in between is extremely sleek and thin and thus provides a gap to protect the TV to a range of 46mm or 1.8 inches and 500mm or 19.7 inches. It also happens to follow the particulars of CE when it comes to weight limit which is 88 pounds by most. This mount also comes with a 25-year guarantee which is a lot for a product like a TV mount.


  • Efficient
  • Easy Installation



5. VideoSecu Articulating Wall Mount

VideoSecu Articulating Wall Mount

The VideoSecu Articulating Wall Mount has an extremely heavy duty structure and it outperforms its duty. The Mount can support almost all sorts of screens such as LCD, LED, HDTV and plasma TV ranging from 32 to 70 inches. This mount can support the weight of about 165 pounds.

The mount has an adjustable tilt system that with a range of +/- 15 degrees along with a side to side swivel for watching as per convenience and comfort. It comes with an efficient cable management system that reduces any clutter caused by wires whatsoever. It also has the universal VESA system that fits from 200 x 200 to 648 x 400mm holes. The dual arms provided is for additional support.


  • Ideal for any type of LCD screens
  • It comes in an impressive packaging
  • The build of this mount is of heavy duty steel


  • Costly

6. VideoSecu Articulating Arm Wall Mount

VideoSecu Articulating Arm Wall Mount

This model is known to be unique for its full motion bracket that allows you to tilt and swivel as per your visual requirements. Thanks to its advanced structure, it also happens to be easy to install.

The VideoSecu Articulating Arm Wall Mount has the ability to secure your screens ranging from 15 to 27 inch LEDs that can weigh up to almost 44 pounds maximum. The model is one of a kind and has a durable steel body that doesn’t let you think twice about the security of your LED.

The best part about all of this is, it is actually affordable! It also has a universal VESA system that can work for 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm.


  • The bracket is fully mobile and adjustable
  • It is heavy duty and durable
  • The set is made up of durable steel


  • Big claims aside, this mount is known to not work all that efficiently

7. VideoSecu Tilt Mount

VideoSecu Tilt Mount

The VideoSecu is a high-end tilt mount that has a universal VESA system for 200 x 100mm to 600 x 400mm. With a sturdy build, this mount works well with various screens that range from 23 inches to 65 inches.

The mount has the ability to tilt approximately 15 degrees up and down for visual ease. It comes with a bubble level that aids the installer with setting it up straight. The structure of this mount is an extremely space efficient one and can support up to whopping 165 pounds of weight. It comes with an efficiently fast HDMI cable, it is easy to install and luckily, also happens to be relatively affordable!

This divider is ideal for all sorts of screens such as the plasma, OLED, LED and LCD. It complements screens of various brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio and Sharp that are within the range of 23 to 75 inches. It also has an air pocket level for adjustment purposes.

The special thing about this particular mount is that it has steel outlines which can be stretched enough to limit the glare. To better visual experience, it has a position of safety as well.


  • This mount is an affordable purchase
  • It has an easy installment process
  • Comes with an efficient and fast HDMI cable


  • The durability of this particular mount is questionable

8. Cheetah ALAMLB

Cheetah ALAMLB

The Cheetah ALAMLB has been rated as one of the best wall mounts in 2019. It fits televisions sets from 23 to 49 inches. It has a professional structure: an articulating monitor and wall mount. It comes with a 00 x 400mm VESA system, a durable construction that supports plasma, LED and LCD screens. For installation purposes, it comes with a bubble level that indicates the level of the surface. The original model is made up steel. It also comes with a twisted 10 inch HDMI cable. It also has a ball head that makes the mobility such as twisting and swiveling a lot easier for the user.


  • Has a durable low profile design
  • Made up of heavy duty steel


  • It can hold up to an only 49-inch television set

9. VideoSecu ML531BE

VideoSecu ML531BE

The ML531BE has a weight capacity of 88 pounds, making it a heavy duty mount. It has a full-motion swivel mount that supports all different types of television sets. It is made up of long-lasting steel with a 400 x 400mm VESA system. It comes with a 20-inch articulating arm that enhances the flexibility for the user’s convenience.

It comes with a durable 10 feet HDMI cable, has 3 axis magnetic bubble level and holds up less space due to its efficient design.


  • Heavy duty with a big weight capacity
  • Has an efficient and durable design
  • It is inexpensive compared to many others


  • It is difficult to infer any cons for such an amazing product with so much value

10. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B

Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B

The Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B tops our list as is a durable mount that can have a weight capacity of up to 165 pounds and fits about 16 to 24-inch studs. It comes with a heavy-duty 10 foot HDMI cable and has a VESA pattern of 600 x 400. It is a high-end product that is easy to install with an indefinite lifespan guarantee.


  • Has an aesthetic design
  • Is a heavy duty and long lasting product
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • It is a high-end expensive product

How To Choose The Best TV Wall Mount? – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s focus on style, a TV wall mount can be settled, tilting or articulating. The settled mounts do not engage individuals much in their visual experience as they forbid any sort of advancements. The tilting sections allow some degree of movement vertically about almost 15 degrees up and down. Lastly, the articulating mounts allow both swiveling and titling as per your visual needs.

It is strongly advised to consider all sorts of actions that take place during the installment before actually installing a mount as it might not entirely complement your furniture, your visual experience or portability of your TV. It is also advised to consider a swiveling mount reason being it is more convenient visually. Nevertheless, it also once again entirely up to the purchaser’s will.

It is clinically advised to watch your favorite shows from nearby as your eyesight is more prone to getting damaged than farther. That being said, make sure your screen is pushed out too much from the divider to prevent any damage. It is recommended to choose mounts that can extend the TV for up to 10-16 crawls away from the divider.

Conclusion – Wrapping it Up!

TV mounts promise to secure your screens and also enhance your visual engagement. This list was derived keeping three points in mind primarily: Mounting equipment, the weight capacity of product and lastly, the tilting and swiveling details. Whatever suits your requirement should within this list of 10 Best Mounts of 2019. This list also clearly mentions the affordability of these products according to your needs. As many brands are thriving to making more and more TV wall mounts, we thought this condensed list would make it easier for readers to become purchaser while reading through.

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